Hours of daylight in Lapland

The belief of six months 24h hours of daylight and six months of 24h of night is just that, a belief far away from reality.

Around December and January we will experience the shortest days, and during June and July we don't switch on the lights at home.

Both periods, during the shortest days in winter and the midnight sun in summer, are very exotic for the travellers.

Check the chart in this post to see how many hours of daylight you will enjoy when you visit us. The chart is based in Rovaniemi, but is a good reference for other destinations in Lapland too.

Date Sunrise Sunset Total daylight
January 1st 10.50 13.43 2h 44min
January15th 10.20 14.34 4h 13min
February 1st 9.20 15.43 6h 22min
February 15th 8.27 16.37 8h 10min
March 1st 7.33 17.27 9h 53min
March 15th 6.38 18.15 11h 37min
April 1st 6.31 20.12 13h 41min
April 15th 5.36 21.00 15h 24min
May 1st 4.31 21.59 17h 28min
May 15th 3.32 22.56 19h 23min
June 1st 2.12 0.20 22h 7min
June 15th - - 24h
July 1st - - 24h
July 15th 2.36 0.06 21h 30min
August 1st 3.54 22.50 18h56min
August 15th 4.54 21.48 16h 55min
September 1st 5.48 20.43 14h 54min
September 15th 6.34 19.48 13h 14min
October 1st 7.26 18.45 11h 18min
October 15th 8.13 17.50 9h 36min
November 1st 8.13 15.45 7h 31min
November 15th 9.07 14.53 5h 45min
December 1st 10.11 13.58 3h 46min
December 15th 10.58 13.25 2h 26min