About us

Lapland Safaris are specialists in Lapland’s nature and the Lappish lifestyle. Since 1982, we have provided tourists visiting Lapland with exciting nature activities and memorable travel experiences.


Lapland Safaris are specialists in Lapland’s nature and the Lappish lifestyle. Since 1982, we have provided tourists visiting Lapland with exciting nature activities and memorable travel experiences. At the heart of our activities lies the culture of Lapland. We draw inspiration from the local history and day-to-day ‘Lappishness’. The stories and legends related to these principles form the basis of the programme packages offered to our customers.

Learn, take part, laugh

Lapland Safaris has high-quality standards for its products and its employees, in particular with safety issues. Lapland Safaris was awarded an ISO 9001 quality certificate in 2000 – the first event organisation agency in the world to receive one. In 2011, Lapland Safaris received the National Tourism Safety award. First in Lapland and first in the business.

The principle ”learn, take part, laugh” provides a guideline for our quality policy. Every guest is taken into the middle of the action to participate in and learn about new, interesting experiences – all in the spirit of good fun, of course. Guests get to conquer the wilderness of Lapland while knowing that they are safe at all times.

  • IGLOOS: Imagine a world of ice and snow!
  • THE NORTHERN LIGHTS:The Northern Lights in their full glory.
  • SNOWMOBILING: Experience the thrill of driving a snowmobile through snowy forests.
  • ARCTIC ANIMALS: Reindeer safari, Husky safari, Ranua Zoo.
  • MIDNIGHT SUN: Experience the magical nights of the Arctic summer
  • RIVER CRUISES: An enchanting river full of experiences

You can explore Lapland’s nature independently, too. Lapland Safaris offer hikers tips about attractions and a wide selection of quality hiking and outdoor equipment for hire, such as snowshoes and winter clothing.

Our hearts beat for the arctic nature

The nature of Lapland is the most sensitive member of our team. We observe the principles of sustainable development and scale all of our activities according to the tolerance of the natural environment. We guide our guests to respect nature and to get close with it in a Lappish way, allowing them to enjoy their nature outing with a clean conscience.

Biggest and most experienced event organiser in the Nordic countries

We are active in six locations across Lapland: Rovaniemi, Ylläs, Saariselkä, Levi, Luosto, Olos – all within an hour’s drive from an airport.

  • Capacity to accept 8,000 guests a day.
  • Winter gear available for 12,500 and summer gear for 850 people.
  • 500 trained employees in season.
  • 50 employees around the year.
  • 150,000 guests a year.
  • 450 snowmobiles, 40 canoes and 7 punt-boats.
  • Own guide school.
  • Privately-owned DMC and member of AFTA.

Volunteer rescue team

Lapland Safaris is a part of the volunteer rescue team of Lapland. Our role in Vapepa (Vapaaehtoinen pelastuspalvelu) is to help the Police and Rescue Department in searching for lost or injured persons in the wilderness areas.

The staff members that take part in the volunteer rescue operations have special training in search & rescue and first aid. Lapland Safaris takes safety seriously and we want to contribute to the local community by providing our resources to the use of local Rescue Departments and Police.

The system shown in the video is the Mapitare GPS location software that we have been developing in cooperation with the software developer and local rescue department. It means that our staff can share their location with the rescue department in order to speed up rescue operations in the wilderness. Especially in winter, every minute counts in getting an injured person to warmth and to a hospital.

Film friendly

We are a part of the House of Lapland's Film Friendly network. We have participated in the House of Lapland's and the Finnish Lapland Film Commission's Film Friendly training. We know the basic needs of the film industry and we are committed serving productions smoothly, efficiently and reliably. It means that our personnel have knowledge of the special needs that film crews may have and they're willing to accommodate them as thoroughly as possible. Welcome to film in Finnish Lapland!

Your representative in the area, Lapland Safaris, gives you the chance to concentrate on the making best film ever by arranging all needed side services for the production. Let us know your targets and wishes and you can keep the focus on your film - we will take care of the rest. We know Lapland and its people — we provide this knowledge and long-term co-operation in the area for your success. Use our most experienced crew's passion and flexibility to help you achieve the best results. We have our own locations and recourses and more possibilities via a wide co-operation network.


And all started with MICE. Back in 1982 corporate clients from abroad and some companies related with the exporting industry tried to find a supplier of unique experiences in Lapland to surprise their clients. So here we were! With time Lapland Safaris, nowadays through our brand Arctic Incentives, became the most experienced and successful company in the organisation of all kinds of MICE events in Lapland. We have served several thousands of clients through the most prestigious travel agencies of the world. No matter the size of the groups, from 2 super VIP persons to more than 1000.

Restaurant & Catering

Discover the best venues for our catering and restaurant services. Lapland Safaris Catering prepares and delivers high-quality catering services for large and small parties with over ten years of experience. Our speciality is the organisation of impressive dining events by a campfire in the bosom of nature — in any season. Our comprehensive fleet of transport equipment enables us to deliver delicious meals to almost any location in and around Rovaniemi. We create memorable dining experiences using pure, natural Lappish ingredients. The success of the meal is further enhanced by beautifully set tables and our competent waiting staff. Elegant dinner parties, special occasions, weddings, corporate hospitality and other events can be organised at your home, at one of our venues (Kotisaari, the Fur Hunter's kota) or another setting chosen by you. Lapland Safaris is also Finland's oldest and largest supplier of nature experiences! We can combine your lunch or dinner with a unique program, such as riverboat transports or a snowmobile safari, to name a couple examples. And if needed, we'll rent appropriate clothing for your guests so that they can enjoy the catering in comfort.