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Spring (1.-31.5.)

Spring (May-June)
Springtime in Lapland is a symphony for the senses. Listen to the water as snow melts, hear the sounds of migrating birds as they return to Lapland with the sun. Smell the scents of awakening nature and enjoy the nature ready for full summer bloom.

In springtime you have the unique opportunity to experience nature waking up after winter and starting to prepare for the full bloom of summer. The snow is melting, birds are returning from the South, and Northern animals are waking up from their winter slumber. In Lapland, you can experience the spring with all your senses.

In Lapland, the growing season happens rather quickly, and you can almost see it happen before your eyes as the coniferous trees and lichen emerge from under the snow and leaves sprout from trees. The whole scenery changes dramatically as the green soil pushes itself through the melting snow and ice.

Because Finland is such a geographically long country, it's possible to experience very different stages of spring in a rather small area. At the same time there can be fully blossoming trees in Southern Lapland and snow on the ground in Northern parts. This is an experience that is difficult to find anywhere else.

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