Our venues in Rovaniemi

Poropirtti, Bear's Den, Kotisaari Island are our Venues in Rovaniemi.

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The original spirit of Lapland. With the stories of more than 110 years on its logs, a huge fireplace, a Lappish atmosphere and good food, Poropirtti cottage has all the ingredients you need for a superb evening. At the cottage you can meet reindeer and get your reindeer driver's license. Ceremonies like crossing the Arctic Circle mark the unforgettable occasion of your visit to Lapland.


  • Dining facilities: seating for 140 persons
  • Dining cabinets for 24 persons
  • A Kammi kota for 50 persons for dinner

Meeting facilities:

Equipped with fast internet connections, data projector, flip chart and a screen.


  • 14 km from Rovaniemi, on the banks of the Ounasjoki river in the midst of the nature.
  • Rovaniemi - Poropirtti; 15 minutes by car, 1/2 - 1 hour by snowmobiles

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The Noble Solitude and Peace Karhunpesä, built in 1967, is a wilderness-spirited, high-grade log house 30 kilmometers (ca. 19 miles) from the city of Rovaniemi. Its history is written by many remarkable visitors, one of whom was Urho Kekkonen, the President of the Republic of Finland 1956-1981. Kekkonen was a regular guest in Karhunpesä during his presidency. There he hosted many important statesmen such as Lyndon B. Johnson (the President of the United States), Carl XVI Gustaf (the King of Sweden), Golda Meir (the 4th Prime Minister of Israel) and Leonid Brezhnev (the Soviet leader). After discovering the place, Kekkonen considered it to be perfect for his purposes. Secret negotiations between nations could be held there – far away from the bustle of the city and curious ears. Both dining and the peaceful picturesque nature were something to match the dignity of the president himself. Kekkonen’s personality and the numerous stories of his visits colour the history of Karhunpesä. Good Finnish food and Sauna were important to the president. That’s why we focus attention on dining and Sauna experiences in particular. We want our guests to enjoy the steam and the delicious food just as much as the president did!


  • Dining facilities: seating for 46 persons inside the cabin
  • Dining facilities: seating for 50 persons in the Sámi Kota.

Meeting facilities:
The restaurant also serves as a meeting room for 20-30 persons. Equipped with fast internet connections, data projector, flip chart and a screen. Accommodation: Total for 14 persons. 4 two-person rooms, 1 double suite. A separate 4-person log cabin with bunk beds. All rooms equipped with toilets, towels, sauna robe and slippers for each guest.

Sauna: Electrically heated log-built sauna for 10 persons and a traditional wood-heated lakeside sauna for 10 persons. Swimming possibility in summer and a hole in the ice for a dip in winter.


  • 30 kilometers from Rovaniemi, on the shore of a small lake, surrounded by primeval forest.
  • Rovaniemi - Bear's Den; 30 minutes by car, 1,5 - 2 hours by snowmobile

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In the good old days Rovaniemi was known as a legendary town of the lumberjacks. Kotisaari was the base for those hard working yet heartfelt men. It's a place where you can learn about the tough and simple life of the lumberjacks.  You'll be ready for a meal in the tavern after you've chopped your pile of firewood and competed in washing laundry on the shore. You could spend an idyllic summer day on this small island or an atmospheric autumn evening when the lights of the city flicker on the river.


  • Dining facilities: seating for 45 persons.
  • Possibility to have more tables on the yard.
  • Sauna for 6 - 8 persons.


  • 10 minutes of boat ride on the River Kemijoki, close to the centre of Rovaniemi.
  • Open from June to October.

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