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The Ylläs area is made up of seven fells and two villages, Ylläsjärvi and Äkäslompolo, situated on two different sides of the 718 m high main Ylläs fell. Both villages are connected by a 11 km scenic road, around the side of the fell.

If you are looking for a perfect Northern destination for a family holiday, you have found one. The Ylläs area is located 150 kilometres above the Arctic circle and it is a popular year-round holiday destination because of its wide variety of activities for the whole family.

It’s easy to forget that there is no village or town called Ylläs. The area is named after the Ylläs fell, which is considered the centre of the area. The small villages of Äkäslompolo and Ylläsjärvi are located on opposite sides of the fell. Both of these villages are surrounded by the fells of the Ylläs area, which makes the scenery spectacular. Äkäslompolo is sometimes even known as “the village of the seven fells”, since it lies amongst seven of the Ylläs area fells.

Most of the income for the two villages in the Ylläs area comes from tourism, which is why they are constantly developing to better meet the needs of travellers and locals. It offers a comprehensive selection of activities for travellers all year round. A stunning winter wonderland in winter, a magical experience in summer – this is what makes Ylläs the perfect holiday destination for every season.

Ylläs is a well-known destination among Finnish skiers. It is one of the highest ski slopes in Finland with a great variety of slopes. The breathtaking scenery and pure untouched nature is the perfect backdrop for snowmobile safaris, peaceful cross country skiing, snowshoe and ice fishing trips, and is a great place to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.


Lapland Safaris offers a variety of different safaris and excursions from Ylläs to the SnowVillage, located only 45 minutes from Äkäslompolo. SnowVillage is a fantastic venue built every winter using more than 1.5 million kilos of snow and 300 000 kilos of ice.

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is the third largest national park in Finland, and is dotted with authentic Lapland villages. You can enjoy Lapland’s authentic nature and its beautiful mountain landscape by hiking, cycling, or by paddling on the river.


In case you feel like you don’t need a guide, we also offer our equipment for rent. You can also rent fatbikes, snowshoes, skis and a wide variety of different camping equipment.



Notice that in Ylläs we have two different locations. Check below our visiting times and the times when we will be happy to help you on the phone even when our doors are closed


Tunturintie 22
FI-95970 Äkäslompolo
Tel: +358 16 569 666
E-mail: yllas@laplandsafaris.fi

Safari Club Äkäslompolo, Tunturintie 22

19.6-30.9.2023 Mon-Sat 10–16

Safari Club Ylläsjärvi, Vaeltajantie 2 (TAIGA building)

18.3-26.11.2023 Closed

SAFARI HOTLINE: +358 16 569666

15.4-30.9.2023 Mon-Fri 10–16


- Kittilä airport: 50 km
- Rovaniemi: 174 km
- Santa Claus Village: 180km
- North Cape, Norway: 618 km
- Helsinki: 927 km to the South

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