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Rovaniemi, located right in the confluence of the rivers Kemijoki and Ounasjoki at the Arctic Circle, is the official capital and the gate to Finnish Lapland.

The Arctic Circle is the imaginary line located at 66 32’ ‘35’’. Above the Arctic Circle the sun never sets during the summer nights, giving us the chance to enjoy the midnight sun. During the winter months, the sun doesn't rise on at least one day a year. The winter darkness brings the kaamos, a very special dark blue light from the sky reflected on the snow and Northern Lights dancing in the sky. The winter is long and the darkness is just a part of it. From February onwards we have longer days and in mid-March the days are already longer than in South Europe.

Rovaniemi is the ideal destination no matter your reason for travelling. Well planned infrastructure, local places of interest and opportunities for unique experiences and safaris make Rovaniemi a popular choice for individuals, groups and corporate travel.

Rovaniemi is also a popular destination throughout the year. During winter, highlights include snowmobile safaris, fun reindeer and husky rides and Northern Light hunting. During summer, you can enjoy a beautiful and relaxing riverboat cruise on Rovaniemi’s two large rivers that flow through the city landscapes to a reindeer farm, or a cruise under the midnight sun.

And of course, in Rovaniemi, whatever the time of year, Santa Claus will always be waiting to meet you!


Rovaniemi is the official town of Santa Claus. Father Christmas has his office at the Santa Claus Village, just 8,6 km from the Rovaniemi city center. In his office he meets and greets people from all over the world every single day of the year.

In the Santa Claus Village you will also have the chance to visit the Santa Claus Official Post Office. From there you will be able to send postcards and Christmas greetings to your loved ones no matter what time of the year it is.


In case you feel like you don’t need a guide, we also offer our equipment for rent. You can also rent fatbikes, snowshoes, skis and a wide variety of different camping equipment.



Check below our location in Rovaniemi, our visiting times and the times when we will be happy to help you on the phone even when our doors are closed.


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FI-96200 Rovaniemi
Tel: +358 16 33 11 200
E-mail: info@laplandsafaris.fi


3.6.-31.8.2024 Mon-Sat 9–14

SAFARI HOTLINE: +358 16 33 11 200

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- Rovaniemi airport: 9,6 km from the town center
- Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi: 8,6 km from town center
- Rail way station: 2,5 km from most of the hotels in town
- Sampo icebreaker, Kemi: 124 km
- Helsinki: 830 km to the south
- North Cape, Norway: 709 km

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