ICE SWIMMING AND SAUNAWNTR Sauna is known as the best traditional Finnish sauna experience in Rovaniemi.

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Ice swimming and sauna

Try the heat of the best sauna in Rovaniemi and the chill waters of the river Kemijoki! The legendary Kesärafla Summer Restaurant & Sauna is now WNTR Sauna, an atmospheric living room for both locals and travelers to the north.

In Finland, ice swimming is a revered tradition. Known as "avanto," it involves taking a dip in a hole cut into the frozen lakes and rivers. Despite the freezing temperatures, Finns believe in the health benefits of ice swimming, claiming it boosts immunity and improves circulation.

Many ice swimmers make this invigorating practice a regular part of their routine, often followed by a relaxing sauna session to complete the experience. Sauna culture in Finland is deeply ingrained in the national identity. Finns view the sauna as a sacred space for physical and mental well-being. For this reason, WNTR Sauna has been opened in Rovaniemi.

The heart of WNTR Sauna is a spacious wood-burning sauna, known as the best traditional Finnish sauna experience in town! The sauna seats 35 people at a time. A winter swimming hole has been opened for the sauna visitors, there is an outdoor fire in the vicinity, and food and drink are available for consumption in the sitting area. Separate dressing and showering facilities are available for men and women.

The sauna is located next to the Ounasvaara Ski Resort by the river Kemijoki, only a five-minute drive from Rovaniemi city centre. The restaurant and the sauna can be found outside Lapland Hotels Ounasvaara Chalets by the riverbank.

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