Summer or winter cycling?Fat bikes, mountain bikes, gravel

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Cycling & Winter Fat Biking in Lapland

Choose your riding style from mountain bikes, cyclo-cross bikes or fatbikes. Fatbikes are bicycles with extra wide tyres, making riding easier and more ecological in the forest and on soft trails, even on snow.

Experience the nature of Lapland by bike all year-round. Lapland Safaris has different types of bikes you can rent to stroll around the forests and different cycling trails of the North.

You can choose a bicycle type that is the most suitable for you from mountain bikes, cyclo-cross bikes and fatbikes. The extra wide tyres of fatbikes make cycling possible even on snow, so fatbike is your choice for the winter season. Rent a bike or join our guided bike tours in Lapland.

Choose the season when you'd like to ride a bike