Berry, Herb & Mushroom Picking

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Berry, Herb & Mushroom Picking

Immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, as an experienced nature guide leads you to the world of berry picking and forest bathing.

Experience the local way of living with our guided berry picking tours. The forest is full of treasures you can pick, and with the help of our experienced nature guide you will learn the secrets of both berry picking and the Northern forests.

The special light of the North and the Midnight sun of Lapland make berries sweet and juicy, an absolute treat you should taste. On our excursions you will learn about Finnish nature and our relationship with it, you will hear exciting stories and you will get to taste pure and traditional Lappish flavours.

When the berries have been picked and the secrets of the forests have been told, it's time to relax by a campfire and just enjoy the quiet and pure nature around us.

Choose the season when you'd like to pick berries, herbs and mushrooms