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Spring Winter (22.3-2.4.)

Early spring (March-April)
Light is everywhere and even though the weather is getting warmer, the slopes and ski-tracks are still open. This is an amazing time to venture on a nature trail to see and hear how the earth awakes.

Late winter is the best time to enjoy the fresh open air and unique atmosphere of Lapland. The sunlight gets to play on the shimmering surfaces of the snow banks again, as the darkness of the polar night recedes and the nature and locals slowly begin to wake up from their winter sleep.

Although spring means warmer days, the winter weather is at its best in late winter. The increasing amount of light and the waking nature make the outdoors inviting, and nature, getting ready for spring, can be marvelled in many different ways. You can certainly get away from your everyday life by for example skiing or sledding on shiny snow banks, while enjoying the pure nature of Lapland.

Especially in Northern Lapland, sunny winter weather can be enjoyed well into April. The beginning of spring, and the mysticism of the winter, make late winter in Lapland a magical experience.

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