Sauna experiencesin Lapland

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Finnish Sauna Experiences in Lapland

Finns love their saunas and the entire sauna culture. Therefore, saunas can be found almost everywhere and in every shape and form. There are, for instance, wooden, smoke, electric and ice saunas.

Finnish sauna traditions are thousands of years old. The sauna itself has evolved from hot stones on the ground to the modern electric version.

Almost every Finn has a sauna either at home or at a summer cottage – or both! The sauna is a place to relax and find peace of mind, to escape from the nippy frost or to enjoy the soft steam after a sunny summer day. The sauna is a perfect choice for every season and weather condition. To perfect the experience, take a dip in a nearby lake or sea to cool down before the next round of steam, and finish it off by gently beating yourself with a bunch of leafy birch twigs.

You can enjoy an authentic sauna experience in Rovaniemi. Take a bike, car or join our boat tour and enjoy the open sauna together with the locals. At Levi and Ylläs we also offer wilderness cottage activities where you can experience sauna culture. Select your favourite, and we’ll guide you!

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